Nelly ciara dating

31-Dec-2018 21:11

Not to be outdone, Ciara looked absolutely gorgeous as she posed in her Halston Heritage sequin skirt.Wearing a classic tuxedo with a patterned blazer, the NFL stud couldn't stop smiling as he posed with his favorite singer in the city."Dancing at The @White House to Prince & Stevie Wonder w/ my lady @Ciara," the Seattle Seahawks athlete wrote on Instagram.[Male Speaker] Source: Every penis that she has been linked to, so what?I saw her club up, that’s the [ejaculating in a chick] for people that don’t know. [Male Speaker] 50 wants to feed his niggers, and if he can’t feed you, then you are still a threat to some degree, and Game was talking, you know real greasy about fucking up with all types of crazy shit, that type of shit you know on the street level you can’t forgive that.

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[Nelly] They had to get with it, because things are changing, if you are not versatile and you don’t change, you know things will left behind.

[Interviewer] Right, you got to Instagram your meal.